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AKTEKİN AVİZE has been covering your needs for illuminating devices since 1980. Our product range varies from chandeliers for illumination of mosques, hotels and conference halls as well as modern and aesthetic chandeliers for home usage.

Besides the standard production, AKTEKİN AVİZE is now able to prepare and apply special projects in accordance with the desires and requirements of the customers.

AKTEKİN AVİZE has been the pioneer of the continuous change and innovations since the beginning of its establishment and with its experienced staff, it is manufacturing its products with utmost care and high quality of workmanship and pays also utmost attention to timely delivery.

Keeping the quality level high all the time, Aktekin Avize manufactures its products from 1st class stainless brass and 1st class leaded crystals and so avoids the main problem of this sector which is the tarnishing and becoming dull, usually because of not using leaded crystals.

Increasing and renewing the production capacity and machinery park from day to day, Aktekin Avize considers the customer satisfaction as a first principle. If you would like to test and live our experience and quality more closely, we are ready to assist you.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our primary success.

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