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Product's Source and Quality

Aktekin Avize use first class source for let your chandeliers are shine like the first day of use and save their metalic colors.

Source that we use guaranteed with MKE’s MS63 Quality made with pure source.At 95% of source is maden with first class metal and golden yellow cover cause of shining and luxury. In the last process we use Tri Metal Lacquer over the cover. Remaining 5% part is chandelier's frame. Frame is  maden with same source of chandeliers too. And it saves shining and quality like the first day.

At Crystal Mosque Chandeliers Metal part is important too. It completes chandelier's shining and luxery as such in crystal chandelier glass. Generally at the market chandelier's glass simple and twist. But Aktekin Avize use the glass maden with high quality source. The glass that we use at the all chandeliers is with special process and contaning 24% (Lead-oxide) real crystal. You can see a color difference between prism at our chandeliers.

At all chandeliers HES CABLE that has TSE + CE + ISO 9001 certificate is used. All cables resistance for heating. All sockets are compatible with E-27 style big bulbs, made with ceramic, nonflammable without any smell and sensivitive for short circuit.

Our products won't reach to you without so detalied control. You can use Aktekin Avize's products with feeling free and live our quality from close.

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